I am truly blessed to be able to spend time creating art and preserving memories for families.  I have one of those rare incredible jobs that allows me to build lasting, meaningful relationships with each family I work with. As you view our website, I hope my art speaks for itself.  I look forward to meeting you.

My name is Janné Peterson.  Janné is pronounced like “Rene” with a “J”, it’s french.   I am a mother, artist, art teacher, and of course . . . a photographer.  My love of photography began when I received my first camera in grade school, a “126 film camera”.  Then, who remembers the 110’s?  Yep, had one of those too.  Then in high school I took a photography class and was hooked for life.  Developing film in a darkroom was just the most magical experience ever.  I went on to Ball State University for my undergrad studies and my love of photography grew exponentially.

After college I worked as a graphic artist and did some freelance photography shooting children and weddings.  I went on to receive my Master’s and began teaching art.  I have taught pre-school, high school, middle school and now elementary.

Around 2005 my brother and 2 best friends married, and so I invested in my first digital camera.  My passion ignited into a full blazing fire for photography!  I must thank my brother for it was him suggesting to starting my own photography business.  So, here I am and loving my decision.

Creating portrait albums are one of my favorite things to do next to taking the pictures themselves.  My award-winning  album designs are a favorite product of my clients; I hope to create a beautiful heirloom album for you as well.

If you like what you see here, contact me so I can capture life’s most treasured moments for you as well.